The Mindful Vine



I am Marisa and my mission is to curate immersive experiences that inspire you to a deeper connection with yourself so you become the contagious force for good the world needs you to be!

I guide my clients to cultivate awareness, aliveness, and presence through private experiential wine and food tastings, yoga, intuitive healing, coaching workshops and retreats



It is my honor and Privilege to guide you…

I know first hand how challenging it is to overcome the incessant mind chatter that keeps you small, in fear and searching for rather than living as the inspired, present self you desire to be.

Navigating my own journey to healing past crippling anxiety, depression and living in lack has called me to guide others on their path to owning their power and reconnecting to JOY because if you’re reading this, its time!

I am a Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer, Speaker and Coach.  I am also a Certified Sommelier and 15 years in sustainable wine and food has inspired me to create The Mindful Vine : Journey of the Senses Dining Signature Dining Experience

I weave my expertise with my deeply rooted passion for connecting people throughout these guided experiences. My mission is to lead you as a dynamic, fun, experiential guide offering you the space to expand your awareness, strengthen your intuition and reconnect to your infinite potential.


welcome to an innovative wellness event company specializing in curated private events, one on one coaching and healing sessions and retreats

Corporate Events:
The Mindful Vine offers mindfulness, team connection and leadership workshops that inspire innovation.

Celebrations & Special Events:
A perfect way to host your tribe in luxury in a way they have never experienced before.

The Mindful Vine @ YOUR RETREAT:
Offer ‘A Journey of Your Senses’ dining experience for your group and immerse them even more fully into the moment.


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Curating immersive experiences that engage the senses and please the palette.

Not only will you become educated from food and wine experts, you will also learn breath and body awareness techniques that increase joy and vitality  beyond the table.


Awaken your senses and live fully in every moment.

Have you ever wondered why right now is called the present? It's because it is the greatest gift you will ever receive. The Mindful Vine awakens your senses and gives you the tools to live fully in every moment.

I believe that through our senses we are able to connect to the pleasure in every experience that is our lives. I believe feeling ALIVE is possible by cultivating practices for mind, body and spirit that immerse us into presence.
— Marisa Hallsted

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