5 Tricks...Use The 5 Senses To Tune Into Intuition

‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. The gift is the truth and it is always available to unwrap.’ - Albert Einstein

Our Mission: To Connect You More Fully To Yourself Through The 5 Senses So You May Access The Power of Your Intuitive Mind At The Table & Beyond It.

1.  Use Your Breath

Just Breath! So simple; yet so profound as the only true tool to come into the power of NOW. Your breath is the window that opens the pathway to your intuition.  You know how to access the direct route to presence so you can hear your truth, simply decide to watch your breath come in and out.

Count to 6 in and 6 out for 3-5 minutes and notice what smells are around you.  What does this smell bring up for you? A memory? Just notice.

2.  Find meditation in unlikely places.

I hear from people every day, ‘I can’t meditate’ and it sounds familiar because I used to say the same thing. The common misconception is that meditating is only when the mind is doing nothing. ‘Just empty the mind,’ is like asking the sky not to be blue. The mind is made to think, instead mediation is finding the space between thoughts by giving it a single point of concentration.

If you most enjoy moving, the outdoors, or if you need stillness, you are equally capable of mediating and you need it.  Take time on a run, or sitting at a Doctor’s Office, Take a Break on a Park Bench.

Use Sound to Your Advantage =

Become aware of the sounds around you, simply listen and notice to bring you into presence. Repeat in your mind a mantra like ‘I am present. I am present. I am present…’ Notice when thoughts come in come back to the mantra for 5-10 minutes.

3. Visualize your YES or NO

Intellectually most of us know what this means: Follow that voice in your heart, listen to your gut, the answer is within you.

It sounds simple, yet perhaps, like me you have experienced the ‘yeah, but I can’t hear it, or that makes no sense so I can’t. ‘

The most powerful truth to living your most extraordinary life is the learn to listen, trust and act from your gut.  The only way to hear it is to get still enough to feel its message of truth.

Use Visualization Here:

(refer above) Breath, tune into a more meditative state and visualize yourself knowing the answer.  Ask the question you are needing clarity on and visualize yourself jumping for joy for a YES, feel if and where there is lightness and excitement in your body.   If you don’t see a jumping for joy YES or feel a YES, trust it is not the direction and try the next question. This works!

4. Forgive Yourself Over & Over Again

We've all got our own form of self-harm (over-indulging, over-eating, boozing, etc.). But the biggest harm we do to ourselves is by beating ourselves up about these decisions. When step away from self-harm, when we begin to look at our decisions with compassion and forgiveness, we naturally make different decisions. I’ve seen this happen in myself and others over and over again.  

Use Your 5 Senses to Become Present While You Eat & Drink = Better Relationship with Food & Imbibing

VERY IMPORTANT: Ask Yourself and Answer Honestly: Why Am I Eating Now?  Why am I Drinking Now?

Get Real With Yourself on The Answer and forgive any shame, get grateful for what you are about to enjoy!

Slow Down and taste each bite, notice the color, the smells, the texture and chew with delight. You may even eat & drink less by being mindful

5. Use Your Senses To Come Home To Yourself

It's easy to get into the habit of compulsively searching, seeking, and rushing from one thing to the next, to keep ourselves distracted from uncomfortable feelings. Stop running away from yourself and instead, run toward yourself.

Trust that you hold the answers and Wherever you are is home.

The bottom line is we are all a work in progress. It takes patience, practice and a willingness for self-discovery, but once you awaken and connect with your intuition, anything is possible.

Use sight, smell, taste, feeling, hearing as a compass to creating a greater connection to YOU

Marisa Hallsted