Find a Grateful Holiday over a Happy Holiday

Thanksgiving is the day that gives gratitude a good name. However, it may be easy to confuse being ‘grateful’ for being ‘happy’ and this may be causing you some unnecessary unhappiness.

Feeling Grateful includes the things that may make you happy - Thanksgiving turkey, a beautiful spread, time with your sister whom you love dearly, the slice of pecan pie you only eat once a year - and also includes that with may NOT make you happy - The dishes, political conversations, time with your uncle whom you can’t stand. 

GRATITUDE is accepting all of it, exactly as it is, with peace and that's true happiness.

Today, I carry gratitude around with me as a constant companion. Many times — particularly during my darkest moments — it carries me. The more I practice gratitude, the easier it becomes, the more it sustains me.

Gratitude strengthens with practice and Thanksgiving may be your perfect playing field.

Gratitude is the Golden Ticket….Here’s How to Find It:

1. Get Present.

It’s so easy to want to linger in the ‘happy’ moments and quickly rush through the ‘uncomfortable’ ones. Make yourself a promise that you will stay present to all of it.  If something triggers you, notice and bring some gratitude to it. Your life is happening NOW in the moment, don’t miss it.

2. Put Down the Device.

Your gratitude is contagious. Your greatest gift this Holiday is listening and sharing with those around you.  Have you ever had a conversation, with someone who is fully present to every word you are saying? They ask you questions and you feel like they aren’t waiting to speak or hurrying you to finish. How good does that feel?! Give the gift of YOU to your people not your ‘followers’

3. Taste Your Food & Drink.

No secret, I am a huge proponent of guiding people to their senses through a glass of wine and a bite of food.  Gratitude for every bite can only come when you slow down to savor the sip and taste the nibble. There will probably be incredibly yummy opportunities to practice, but how often, especially when it’s delicious do we rush through it? Savor rather than Stuff and you’ll be grateful you did I promise.

Marisa Hallsted