Thinking about the re.treat?

Email Brittany or Marisa if you have questions about the RE.treat or to schedule a call and explore if this is a fit for you.

Exploration calls are free.



Brittany Buffalino

Brittany Buffalino is a Chinese Medical and Reiki practitioner in Aspen Co. Her treatments consist of a synergistic blend of energetic and structural work. She is passionate about helping her clients create harmony in their own body, and serving as a support system for this flourishing of self awareness and mind-body-spirit health.

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Marisa Hallsted

Marisa Hallsted guides people to deeply connect to themselves and each other. Marisa is the founder of The Mindful Vine, Journey of The Senses Tasting Experience. She weaves her passion for mindful living as a yoga and meditation teacher and her expertise as a Sommelier to inspire people to the pleasure of the moment.