reconnect to your Highest Self & transform your life

In-person Intuitive Healing Session


You are perfect, you do not need fixing, you are uncovering layers in exactly the right timing and I am simply here to support your journey back to the truth of your exquisite self.

Don’t believe you are all that exquisite at the moment? Want to refine and level up? Perfect. This is your call to heal, are you listening? I have always been a healer, tapped in to people’s energies and seeing beyond what is being ‘said’ or ‘done.’

I offer deeply transformational sessions using these gifts with ancient reiki and shamanic energy healing techniques to offer life changing shifts physically, emotionally and mentally, permenantelyaltering my client’s tangible world

How does a session work?

~We meet virtually~
(this is energy work, physical distance does not matter which is proven quantum mechanics if you’re like me and look all that stuff up!)

~We have a conversation and get laser-focused with the intention you desire~

~YOU lie down into deep relaxation while I offer the frequency attunement~

~LOTS of messages and permanent shifts take place and I share with you every step of the way~

~You walk away reset, refreshed with tangible answers and attuned to high-frequency~

Prefer to experience your healing in-person?

There are two locations for In-Person Intuitive Healing Sessions:


Silo Healing House

Carbondale, CO

60-Minute Session ($125)

Aspen Shakti

535 E. Hyman Ave.

Aspen, CO 81611

60-Minute Session ($150)


Book your session:

Working with Marisa immediately felt safe, trustworthy and powerful.

After just 1 session, I was blown away by her calm and tender strength, confidence and accurate intuition ...
The messages that came through that she shared were right on and hugely helpful - they were clear, grounded, relevant and exciting.

Additionally, although energy work is often subtle, I could acutely feel moving and opening energy and she helped me begin to build confidence in my own intuition and self-healing.
— Jayne Gottlieb, Owner of Aspen Shakti

Interested in a distance Intuitive Healing Session via video conferencing? Click here.